Non-degree programmes

Available programmes

Leiden University offers the following possibilities to study at Leiden University without earning a degree:

Study Abroad and ERASMUS/EXCHANGE students
Study Abroad in Leiden is a non-degree programme which allows Study Abroad and exchange students from universities around the world to study in Leiden for one or two semesters.
Study Abroad in Leiden

Summer Schools 
The various summer schools are organised for different types of students and/or researchers.
Summer Schools  

STREAM (Student Research Mobility Programme)
Would you like to take part in a research project? STREAM is a student exchange programme between Leiden University and 6 European universities who are all, like Leiden, members of LERU (League of European Research Universities).
STREAM is aiming at students who have a high interest in conducting research during their study period.
The EuroScholars Program
EuroScholars is a unique research abroad program for advanced students from the United States and Canada whereby students can conduct research at a high calibre institution while taking a language and culture class.
The Euroscholars Program

Other modes of study
Would you like to follow a lecture series that particularly appeals to you, but without the obligations that usually go with it? Or do you want to study part time for a while or follow a free online course? Take a look at the different options Leiden University has to offer.
Other modes of study

Last Modified: 08-02-2017