Former participants share their thoughts on the International Leiden Leadership Programme.


Marissa van Hamersveld (MA Medicine), ILLP 2015

"The ILLP taught me about the most important kind of leadership: personal leadership. It enlightened me about my leadership style and helped me to better understand others."

Nauman Janjua (MA International Studies), ILLP 2014

“The programme was really awesome. You learn so much about yourself. Your qualities, your personality and more importantly, the areas in which you can improve to boost your leadership qualities. You are surrounded by ambitious, motivated and inspiring people from whom you learn so much throughout this programme.

I think that every motivated and ambitious student who is willing to dedicate him/herself to this programme will benefit from it in the long term. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Jakob Filzen (MA Social and Organizational Psychology), ILLP 2015

“An absolute privilege was the extensive testing and assessing of personal performance. This provides great insight into one’s individual strengths and weaknesses.”

Carmen Echeverria (MA Law), ILLP 2014

“I found the ILLP a challenging programme that can be very useful for those who like to work within an organisation or who would like to make a difference in this world. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about my personality and about how to use my competences to lead.”

Bart de Vos (MA International Studies), ILLP 2015

"For me, the ILLP was the most fun and informative course at Leiden University. The emphasis on self-reflection and knowledge about yourself is really valuable in a leadership context."

Last Modified: 12-10-2017