To understand the fundamental theories of good leadership, train and develop your leadership skills and acquire an insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader. These are the goals of the International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP).

Participants discuss the crucial elements of good leadership and their implications for the development of their own style. In addition, participants are encouraged to reflect individually on their own “strengths and weaknesses” in the form of a self-evaluation and the Personal Leadership Roadmap.

During the ILLP you will be taught in a small, interdisciplinary and international group. You will also be coached individually by an experienced coach.

The Programme includes the following:

Introduction assessment

The course starts off with a personal assessment, based on tests provided by the ILLP. These include several personality tests and a  “High-Potential Assessment” (HPA), which will map your ambitions and leadership skills.

A workshop will provide background information on the output of the various assessment instruments, i.e., how to interpret the results of your personal assessment.

Training sessions

The ILLP offers participants training sessions that will shed light on different aspects of leadership. Topics covered include: motivation, conflict management, group dynamics, negotiation and interviewing.

These training sessions focus on personality development in the context of personal leadership. Participants acquire not only (academic) knowledge on these and other leadership skills but also an insight into how these skills can affect a person’s behaviour.


The unique thematic seminars offered by the ILLP will broaden your knowledge of leadership and teach you about the complex context of leadership and practical issues related to leadership. You will be able to discuss topics related to leadership with lecturers and experienced leaders and with each other.

Personal Leadership Roadmap

At the end of the Programme participants will have mastered fundamental skills and gained a clear insight into their own styles and qualities as leaders. Participants utilise their newly acquired skills to create a Personal Leadership Roadmap to an effective leadership style.

After completing the course you will have:
• A fundamental grasp of the theories of leadership;
• Trained and developed your (leadership) skills;
• An insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses;
• Made a five-year plan for personal (leadership) development.

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