International Leiden Leadership Programme

Curious about your personal leadership style?

Sign up for the International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP) today! The ILLP is an Honours Programme specifically developed for ambitious and talented master's students at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology that gives you an opportunity to develop your personal leadership style.

Through in-depth training sessions, assessments and seminars, the ILLP will focus on gaining insights into your own personal leadership style and will help reach your leadership goals. In the Programme you will:
• Develop your leadership skills;
• Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses; 
• Be involved in an interdisciplinary environment.

In addition, participants will create a Personal Leadership Roadmap, a five-year plan to an effective leadership style.

Further information can be found on the Programme page.

Key information

Course size
The ILLP is an extracurricular 5 credit points (EC) programme.

The Programme takes place from January through June. Training sessions will take place in February and March of 2016. Attendance is mandatory.

Upon positive evaluation of your self-evaluation and your Personal Leadership Roadmap, attendance of the various seminars and participation in the complete Programme, you will receive the International Leiden Leadership Programme certificate, worth 5 EC.

Start date
January 2017


Admission fee
Participants are required to pay a €200 fee for participation in the Programme (payable upon admission).

For whom?

The ILLP offers 25 places for ambitious master's students from all disciplines. All candidates must qualify for the following entry requirements.

Entry requirements:
• The candidate must be enrolled in a master’s course or an advanced master’s course at Leiden University or Delft University of Technology;
• The candidate is motivated to attend an intensive extracurricular course alongside their master’s course and has the opportunity to do so;
• The candidate is highly motivated to reflect on self-development;
• The candidate is interested in learning about leadership and their personal leadership style;
• The candidate wants to experiment with different leadership techniques.

Further information can be found on the Application and Selection page.

Honours Academy

The ILLP is one of the programmes of the Honours Academy, housed in the Oude Sterrewacht (Leiden Observatory). As an honours student you will be invited to events organised by the Honours Academy. Furthermore, you will have access to interesting (inter)national opportunities outside the university.

Honours Community
In addition to lectures, tutorials, and seminars honours students (and lecturers) regularly meet up in de Oude Sterrewacht for a drink or other events organised by the Leiden Honours Community – the honours students’ association. These activities give ample opportunity to set up a professional network.

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