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Questions about the programme

What is the difference between the LLP and the ILLP?
The Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP) is a 20 EC honours programme in Dutch which takes place from September until June. The International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP) is a 5 EC honours programme in English, which starts in January and ends in June. The LLP is therefore much more extensive, including a group assignment in a company or organisation. Both have similar themes and goals. 

How much time does the ILLP take?
The ILLP is worth 5 EC, which corresponds with 140 hours of study time. Most of this time is spent on the training sessions and seminars, but of course this also includes time for preparation of the seminars and writing your essays.

How can I combine the ILLP with my regular studies?
We've set the programme up in such a way that it should combine well with most studies. The seminars take place during the evenings (usually on Thursday night). The assessment, the training sesions etc. take place on Saturdays.

Do I have to pay an admission fee for the International Leiden Leadership Programme?
Yes, a fee of 200 euros applies for the programme. If you have been selected for the programme, you will be contacted about payment.

Questions about application

Can I apply if I study in Delft?
Yes, you can. We have a few spots in our programme for students from the Delft University of Technology.

Can I apply for the ILLP if I study elsewhere?
If you study somewhere other than in Leiden or Delft, unfortunately you can not apply for the ILLP.

I am currently doing a pre-master. Can I apply for the ILLP?
If you will have started your master's by the time the programme starts, you can apply. If you will still be doing a pre-master by that time, officially you count as a bachelor's student and therefore, you cannot apply.

I have (just) finished my studies. Can I still apply for the programme?
No, unfortunately only students who are enrolled in a master's course during the entire programme can apply.

I am not currently an honours student, but I would like to apply for the ILLP. Is that a problem?
No, you are welcome to apply regardless of your previous honours experience.

I am not an international student, but I am very interested in the programme. Can I apply for the ILLP?
Yes, you can apply. Although the ILLP is focussed on international students, there is some room for Dutch students who would like to work with international students.

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Last Modified: 24-08-2016