LLP Alumni Seminar with Dr. Anna Dolidze

Dr. Anna Dolidze, parliamentary secretary of the Georgian President, spoke to the alumni of the Leiden Leadership Programme about her personal leadership, the matryoshka problems in Georgia, and on being a fox and definitely not a hedgehog.

Understanding yourself: worth making time for

Every year the international leadership course of the Leiden Honours Academy, the International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP), attracts master’s students from all over the world. In June, this year’s 25 students will get their certificates, but that is not the most important part, according to two of them.

Deadline ILLP applications: 15 November, 2016

Are you a master's student looking for a challenge? Are you curious about your personal leadership style? Don't forget to sign up for the International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP). Tuesday 15 November, 2016 is the final deadline for your application.