About the Honours College

If you enjoy going the extra mile, the (extracurricular) Honours College programme might be something for you. This programme is created for students with good academic results who want to deepen and/or broaden their knowledge.

You will be able to develop your own talents while being coached by the finest academic staff Leiden University has to offer. You will earn extra credits and after three years you will receive an honours certificate. The programme will start with an orientation module at the beginning of the second semester of your first year and lasts until the end of your bachelor studies.

Honours Tracks and other options

As a participant in the Honours College you will follow an Honours Track on top of your regular academic programme. This is a coherent package of extra subjects and activities in the field of education and research. With the Honours College you will be able to choose from one of three different tracks:

Faculty Track: You can choose a Faculty Track related to your Bachelor’s programme (i.e. the programme offered by your faculty), but you can also apply for a Faculty Track offered by a different faculty;  
- Individual Track: The Individual Track gives you the opportunity to put together your own personalised programme; 
- Double Bachelor+: Are you enrolled in two bachelor’s programmes or do you want to start a second Bachelor’s programme? If so, you could also be in the position to receive an Honours Certificate.

The tracks start with an orientation module in the second semester of the first year of your Bachelor’s course. However, it is also a possibility to start with the Honours College after you’ve successfully finished your first year.

What does your first year look like?

Towards the end of your first semester you will be able to apply for the Honours College. You must have at least a positive BSA to apply.

In the second semester you will be enrolled in an ‘orientation module’ worth 5 study points (EC). This module will acquaint you with your Honours Track. Every Faculty Track has its own orientation module. In consultation with your faculty’s coordinator you can put together a plan for the Double Bachelor+, an Individual Track, or decide to follow the Faculty Track.  

Following the orientation module – and upon acquiring your propaedeutic diploma within one year – you will be officially admitted to the Honours College and continue in your second year.

Last Modified: 19-02-2016