Individual Track

Individual Track

Open to All bachelor students of Leiden University
Language Both English and Dutch depending on own choice of courses
Coordinator Honours College coordinator of your Faculty
For questions Honours College coordinator of your Faculty

If you want to take the road less traveled by, you can also compose your very own individual Honours College programme and go ‘solo’. Together with your Faculty Honours coordinator you can put together a thorough Honours College Study Plan for your Individual Track. There is a great deal of freedom and flexibility. You can organize internships, trips abroad, attend master’s courses, etc. Enrolling in the lectures and seminars offered by the Faculty Track is, of course, also a possibility.

Honours College Study Plan

When you decide to go solo, you are free to compose an individual and challenging programme. There are many possibilities, but first and foremost your ideas need to be approved by the Examination Board. To do so, you need to submit a study plan using this format (to be announced). Your faculty Honours coordinator can help you with this, and advise you on the possibilities.

Your ‘Honours College Study Plan’ needs to contain a clear description of the personal learning route, before commence upon your individual programme. Furthermore, you are expected to motivate why your proposed individual programme should be acknowledged as an educational programme that can be rewarded with an Honours Certificate. You can submit your Honours College Study Plan until the end of the second year of your bachelor’s course.

Lastly, it is possible to follow one of the orientating courses of the Faculty Programmes (worth 5 EC) and, at a later date, continue with an individual programme. Your faculty coordinator will provide you with more information and guidance regarding your Honours College Study Plan.

Requirements for your Study Plan

The Faculty Examination Board will approve your Honours College Study Plan if:
* It meets the minimum of 30 EC;
* It contains 20 EC of research or educational activities;
* It coalesces with Leiden University’s attititude towards excellence and with the profile of the excellent student;
* It contains an interdisciplinary Honours Class worth 5 EC.


Registration for this track is possible until February 15. You can register using this form.

Last Modified: 20-12-2016