Double Bachelor+

Open to All bachelor students of Leiden University
Language Both English and Dutch depending on own choice of courses
Coordinator Ratna Lachmansingh, MA
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Are you already doing two bachelor’s programmes or are you considering starting a second one, and do you still want to go the extra mile? Do the Double Bachelor+! The Honours College is offering you the opportunity to attend thematic lectures, Honours Classes, excursions and other events alongside your regular bachelor’s programmes. A nice change of scenery!

Combine your studies

As an undergraduate enrolled in two bachelor’s programmes, you probably have enough on your plate. However, you might want to go the extra mile yet! Then, the Double Bachelor+ is the right choice for you. The Honours College can offer you the facilities to combine your two studies and create new insights and understanding. A nice change of scenery with inspiring academics and fellow students!

When you decide to take on the Double Bachelor+, we expect you to complete your regular bachelor’s programmes and an Honours Class (worth 5 EC) of your choice. It is also mandatory that you are enrolled for both your bachelor’s programmes at a Dutch university, one of which in Leiden.

For more information on applying and admittance, please see our Application and Selection page.

Last Modified: 19-02-2016