With the Honours College you will be able to choose one of three different Honours Tracks. These are the Faculty Track, the Individual Track and the Double Bachelor+. You decide what best suits your needs and ambitions, as the three tracks are fundamentally different. After completing your programme you will acquire an Honours Certificate!

Below you can find information about the three tracks the Honours College has to offer.

Faculty Track

Every faculty offers a different Faculty Track. As an Honours student, you can choose from seven different Faculty Tracks. However, of these seven programmes only three are taught in English. Each Faculty Track offers small-scale teaching, which reinforces of the student-teacher relationship. Which programme will you choose?

Individual Track

If you want to take the road less traveled by, you can also compose your very own individual Honours College programme and go ‘solo’. Together with your Faculty Honours coordinator you can put together a thorough Honours College Study Plan for your Individual Track. There is a great deal of freedom and flexibility. You can organize internships, trips abroad, attend master’s courses, etc. Enrolling in the lectures and seminars offered by the Faculty Track is, of course, also a possibility.

Double Bachelor+

Are you already doing two bachelor’s programmes or are you considering starting a second one, and do you still want to go the extra mile? Do the Double Bachelor+! The Honours College is offering you the opportunity to attend thematic lectures, Honours Classes, excursions and other events alongside your regular bachelor’s programmes. A nice change of scenery!