Would you like to broaden your horizon? Follow an Honours Class!

In the second semester of this academic year the Honours Academy offers a large number of Honours Classes (5 EC) aimed at honours students and ambitious bachelor students. We have some final spots left. The classes are starting on different dates from February 2017 onward, thus apply as soon as possible!

Honours Classes offered in the second semester

This academic year the Honours Academy offers over 40 different classes, about several topics, for example the way a city design can promote citizens’ happiness, educational challenges in the 21st century, creativity and the human mind, and biotechnological ethics. Most classes are taught in English and take about eight weeks. Since Honours Class participants are coming from different study programmes, you will definitely participate in vivid discussions that go beyond the disciplinary borders. There are some spots left in the following classes:

The Academic Life

De Gelukkige Stad: InnovationLab Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (in Dutch)

Teaching in 21st Century Classrooms

Who Owns Life? Ethical, Juridical, and Artistic Encounters with Biotechnology

Crises in Biology - Animal Life from the Late Precambrian to the Emergence of Land Life

Leren door Doen (in Dutch)

Media Power, State Power, and the Law: Who Watches the Watchmen?

Recht, Literatuur en Film (in Dutch)

Target group and certificate

Honours Classes are intended for Honours College students, Leiden University College students and ambitious second and third year bachelor students who have good results (grades about a 7.5 or higher). Students who do not participate in the Honours College are receiving a certificate after successfully completing the Honours Class.Please note: Honours Classes are extracurricular. It is not possible to use the Honours Class as one of your optional subjects. The Honours Class and the earned credits will be mentioned on your diploma supplement.

Registration and selection

Interested in following a course? Send an email including a short motivation letter (150 words) to classes@ha.leidenuniv.nl before February 1, 2017. Please mention your student ID number, your degree programme and year, and your grade point average. Course coordinators will use this information to select the students that fit their Honours Class best.

Last Modified: 11-01-2017