Honours College Fair

The Honours College opens its doors! Come and experience what the Honours College has to offer whilst enjoying some free drinks and snacks. The Honours College Fair takes place on Wednesday 6 December from 16.00 till 19.00 hrs. at the Oude Sterrewacht (Old Observatory) in Leiden.

Refugee Roads: Biking the Balkan refugee route

In less than two years’ time, Florian Volz and Timo Schmidt, both German students studying International Studies in The Hague, went from knowing each other only vaguely to sharing a small tent and a bank account. Sounds like any other ordinary relationship, right? Well, not exactly. These two honours students spent two and a half months biking the Balkan route, which takes many Middle Eastern refugees from the Greek island Lesbos, the stepping stone to Europe, to the Calais jungle, the last stop before boarding a ferry to the UK. Last week they screened the first episode in the series, chronicling their experiences travelling to refugee camps.

'The right to vote' and Catalan independence

Politicians in Barcelona are preparing for a new political battle. Nationalists fighting for Catalan independence have announced that they will organize a referendum this autumn, just as they did in 2014. Other parties claim that it will lead to new court cases because the referendum is unconstitutional.

Would you like to broaden your horizon? Follow an Honours Class!

In the second semester of this academic year the Honours Academy offers a large number of Honours Classes (5 EC) aimed at honours students and ambitious bachelor students. We have some final spots left. The classes are starting on different dates from February 2017 onward, thus apply as soon as possible!

Registration Honours Classes 2017-2018

Registration is open for the Honours Classes of the first semester from 21 August until 6 September 23.59 hrs. Registration for Classes of the second semester opens on 6 November and closes at 16 November 23.59 hrs.

Honours Classes 2016-2017 now online!

The course catalogue of Honours Classes for 2016-2017 is now available online! Read about the various topics that these extracurricular courses will cover, from history of migration to biomedical technology to creative writing.

June 10: Honours College Mini Fair

Are you currently in the first year of your Bachelor's? Are you thinking about joining the Honours College? Are you a motivated student looking for an extra challenge? Please visit our Honours College Mini Fair on June 10th 2016 between 15.30 and 18.00!

Experience the Honours College: International Perspective

"As soon as I started my Bachelor's degree I considered doing some extra classes. As I was looking at the Honours College programme I was thrilled by the number and broad range of courses I could follow. However, initially I was also concerned whether the fact that I do not speak Dutch would undermine my experience; but this did not happen. On the contrary, all the classes are taught in English and the material provided is also in English. Students come from very 'mixed' backgrounds, ethnically as well as academically speaking."

Looking back on the LGA symposium

On Saturday 16 January 2016, the Faculty of Archaeology opened its doors to welcome over 100 archaeology and living archaeology enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands. They were participating in a full-day symposium organised by Céline den Engelsman and Casper van Dijk, BA3-students from the archaeology honours track "Crossing the Borders in World Archaeology". The symposium was organised as the partial fulfilment of their honours internship, which aims to involve students in bringing archaeology to the larger public.

18 January 2016: Honours College Fair

Are you currently in the first year of your bachelor programme? And are you looking for an extra challenge? The Honours College of Leiden University might be exactly what you’re looking for! Come visit the HC Fair on January 18th to discover all the possibilities to further develop your talents.

‘The Honours College has transformed me into an active student’

When I look back on the honours programme, all I can do is smile. It has transformed me into a student who thinks in terms of opportunities and solutions,’ said Roos ter Elst, student of Education and Child Studies, at the ceremony for the award of Honours certificates to bachelor’s students, on 6 November in the Hooglandse Kerk.

What is your vision on democracy?

What is your vision on democracy? That was the main question for a project set up by Honours College of Leiden University and the S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University in Kazachstan. Two Dutch and two Kazakh students shared their points of view in essays, which were then discussed in an online video meeting. The essays were based on various famous and less famous quotes about democracy, such as Churchill's: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others".

Combating Extremists by Uniting for Heritage

In the light of the deliberate destruction and looting of cultural heritage by IS in the Middle East the Honours Academy of Leiden University hosted in cooperation with UNESCO the Netherlands and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development the conference ‘The Heritage Heist’ to discuss these disturbing events. In the context of this conference two students were invited to the Third Meeting of States Parties to the 1970 Convention that took place simultaneously.