Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about the Honours College, both for prospective honours students and current Honours College students. If your question is not listed, please e-mail hc@honoursacademy.leidenuniv.nl.

Short explanation of frequently used terms:

- Honours College: An extracurricular programme worth 30 EC which you will follow on top of your regular bachelor programme, consisting of a cohesive collection of courses. You can choose a track that is closely related to your current field of study, or opt for a track in a completely different discipline. Every honours student has to take at least one Dutch or English Honours Class (5 EC). More information about the Honours College can be found here.

- Honours Track: the specific programme that you follow within the Honours College. You cannot choose from all tracks because some are only open to students of the corresponding bachelor's programme (e.g. Law and Medicine).

- Honours Class: A course worth 5 EC, which you are required to take as part of your honours track. Regular students can also take an Honours Class (should they not choose to register for a full honours track worth 30 EC). More information about the Honours Classes can be found here.

For prospective Honours students

Will the Honours College cost me extra money, or extra tuition?
No. You may have to pay for extra educational materials or for an excursion (sometimes abroad), dependent on your track.

Can I register for the Honours College if I am planning to go on an exchange during my bachelor?
Yes, you can also join the Honours College if you want to go on an exchange as part of your bachelor programme. The Course Regulations of the Honours College stipulate that a student can ask permission to complete a part of his HC at a different university abroad. Whether you will be granted this permission will (amongst others) depend on your study success so far and the type of courses you are planning to take abroad. If you are staying abroad for no more than 6 months this should not result in any problems; if you are planning to stay abroad for a longer period, separate arrangements will have to be made.

Joining the Honours College: what’s in it for me?
In the Honours College you will be taught by the best teachers, together with students who are just as ambitious and motivated as you are. You are also given the opportunity to do research, or to increase your knowledge of a different discipline. The diploma supplement of your bachelor diploma will include an annotation of your efforts in the honours programme, and you will receive an Honours Certificate. You will be able to list another (highly demanding) programme on top of your bachelor programme on your CV.

What is the difference between the Honours College and the Leiden University College (LUC) in The Hague?
The LUC is an interdisciplinary full-time English bachelor programme in liberal arts and sciences, worth 180 EC, that also includes a residential concept. The Honours College offers you an extracurricular programme worth 30 EC, which you will follow on top of your regular bachelor programme in Leiden or The Hague. HC students also have their own location – the Old Observatory in Leiden – where part of the honours education is taught and where various other (community) activities are hosted.

I would like to successfully finish the first year of my bachelor’s (propaedeutic) and then (maybe) register for the Honours College. Is this possible?.
You can still register for the Honours College at the start of the second year of your bachelor programme. You will need to complete a full programme (worth 30 EC) in the two remaining years of your bachelor programme to be eligible to receive the Honours Certificate.

For Honours College students

What exactly are the rules for studying ‘within the allotted time’ in the Honours College?
Studying within the allotted time (‘nominaal studeren’) means you:
* Successfully complete all the courses you take (one retake will not immediately get you in trouble);
* Finish your bachelor programme in three years;
* Finish your HC-track (minimally 30 EC) in three years.
If you have successfully completed the 180 EC of your bachelor programme and the 30 EC of your HC-track in three years, you can still decide not to graduate, should you want to e.g. enrol in extra courses.

What is the difference between the Honours College and an Honours Class?
The Honours College is the overall term for nine different honours tracks; as a student of the Honours College, you will follow (as part of one of these tracks) a programme worth 30 EC on top of your regular bachelor programme. A required element of each honours track is an ‘interdisciplinary module’; most students choose to take a so-called Honours Class.

Am I eligible to receive my Honours Certificate if I have not yet received my bachelor diploma?
In most cases, no; the Honours College graduation ceremony is purposefully scheduled after the graduation ceremony of the various bachelor programmes (namely at the beginning of November).
Exceptions can be made for students who have successfully completed the 180 EC of their bachelor programme and the 30 EC of their HC, but who choose to enrol in extra courses and therefore postpone their graduation. After they have been granted permission, they may receive their Honours Certificate prior to graduating from their bachelor’s programme.

Will the results of the Honours College be listed on my bachelor diploma?
The results of your honours track will be listed on the diploma supplement of your bachelor diploma. The Honours Certificate will include a summary of the track you have completed.

Last Modified: 22-02-2016