HC Humanities Lab

Open to All bachelor students of Leiden University
Language Both English and Dutch tracks are available
Coordinator Sven Balfoort and Sieglinde de Horde

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You are curious, inquisitive, and interested in the world around you. You want to dig deeper as well as expand your horizons. You are interested in the humanities. Does this sound like you? Then the Humanities Lab is for you!

The humanities are about what makes humans human: We have different languages, cultures and histories – we create stories, music, films and paintings. This multifaceted field allows you to both broaden and deepen your interests. In thematic lectures you will research the diff erences and similarities within the humanities, and between the humanities, the natural, and social sciences.

You receive challenging, small-group, intensive instruction from top scholars, specialists who have earned their name in education and research. The programme includes elements like guest lectures, seminars, and excursions. It gives you the chance to gain the needed practical experience, which will also enrich your regular Bachelor’s programme.

Last Modified: 13-09-2017