Faculty Tracks

Every faculty offers an honours programme: the Faculty Track. There are seven different Faculty Tracks - four of these tracks are currently taught in English. The other three tracks are given exclusively in Dutch.

You have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge or broaden your horizon, and every track has space allotted to make your own choices. Next you will find a description of the four different English tracks: Crossing the borders in World Archaeology, Expertise in Practice: Advising on Dilemmas in Society, Humanities Lab, and Science and Society.

HC Tackling Global Challenges (former HC Expertise in Practice)

The honours track  Tackling Global Challenges is an English track in The Hague, near  the Dutch political centre. The programme makes you aware of the interaction between science and the world of consultants/policy advisers and politics. How can we use the knowledge out of science to solve societal problems? And how can we benefit policy processes to create a better world?

HC Humanities Lab

You are curious, inquisitive, and interested in the world around you. You want to dig deeper as well as expand your horizons. You are interested in the humanities. Does this sound like you? Then the Humanities Lab is for you!

HC Science and Society

How do we develop social scientific knowledge? How are new scientific insights implemented? In this Faculty Track you will research what social scientific knowledge can do for society at large.