About the Honours College

If you enjoy going the extra mile, the (extracurricular) Honours College programme might be something for you. This programme is created for students with good academic results who want to deepen and/or broaden their knowledge.


Experience the Honours College: International Perspective

"As soon as I started my Bachelor's degree I considered doing some extra classes. As I was looking at the Honours College programme I was thrilled by the number and broad range of courses I could follow. However, initially I was also concerned whether the fact that I do not speak Dutch would undermine my experience; but this did not happen. On the contrary, all the classes are taught in English and the material provided is also in English. Students come from very 'mixed' backgrounds, ethnically as well as academically speaking."

Looking back on the LGA symposium

On Saturday 16 January 2016, the Faculty of Archaeology opened its doors to welcome over 100 archaeology and living archaeology enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands. They were participating in a full-day symposium organised by Céline den Engelsman and Casper van Dijk, BA3-students from the archaeology honours track "Crossing the Borders in World Archaeology". The symposium was organised as the partial fulfilment of their honours internship, which aims to involve students in bringing archaeology to the larger public.