Last available places Honours Classes

The current academic year is full of interesting honours classes. A variety of themes can be found in this year’s programme. Some of those classes are still open for application.

Two weeks to Normandy to learn about the origin of life (Crises in Biology), watching films to see how these can be historical sources (Narratives of World War II), walking through a crime scene scenario (Body of Evidence), or undergoing a ‘retreat’ to experience and learn about mindfulness (The Mindfulness Revolution)… It’s all in the honours classes of the upcoming semester.

Available Honours Classes

For most honours classes the maximum amount of participants is reached. However, in some other classes there is still room for some interested students:

- Academisch Ondernemen (Academic Entrepreneurship) – in Dutch
Being a scientist and doing research is all about skills and entrepreneurship. On the basis of your own bachelor thesis, you will explore all kinds of aspects of the scientific ‘business’.

- Balancing Acts
After analyzing theoretical insights and perspectives on the conservation of cultural and natural heritage, you will go on a fieldwork trip of three days to the Wadden Islands. Here you will explore a current debate about this topic amongst stakeholders.

- Narratives of WWII
Not only historical works, but also fiction and film can tell us a lot about history. Analyzing three films and four books will show you how these can be seen as historical sources and what the connection is between history and memory.

- Who owns Life?
100 years ago, IVF (in vitro fertilization)-babies were fiction. 100 years from now, we probably will ‘design’ our own posterity. Biotechnology makes the unpossible, possible. At the same time, this challenges us with ethical, cultural and juridical issues. Who is responsible, who ‘owns’ life? Besides the more theoretical (and discussion) sessions, you will also dive into the practical world of biology in the lab.

- Crises in Biology (summerclass)
From monocellular life to animal life – this class is about the emergence and existence of ‘life’. During this summer course you will also go on a fieldtrip to Normandy, were you will learn about the Tree of Life.


If you would like to participate in one of these honours classes, don’t wait any longer because the second semester will get started soon.

You can register here. Please realize that there will be a selection, based on your short, written motivation (and grades).

(25 January 2015/AP)

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