About the Honours Classes

Each year, Leiden University organises Honours Classes for ambitious and motivated undergraduate students. The topics of the Honours Classes are wide-ranging with a focus on interdisciplinarity. In the academic year 2017-2018, over 38 Honours Classes will be offered.

What is an Honours Class?

An Honours Class is a short course worth 5 EC (about 8 lectures), usually given in English, and taught by various top academics in the national and international field. Honours Classes are taught during semester 1, semester 2, and during the summer as Summer Classes. For an impression of what students and teachers think of the Honours Classes, you can view the video below.

Honours College students

The Honours Class as an interdisciplinary module is obligatory for all Honours College students. Honours students can either follow an Honours Class in their second year or in their third year.

The chosen Honours Class is part of the student's Honours College programme and will be mentioned on the Honours College certificate which will be awarded after completion of the entire track. Therefore, honours students do not receive a separate certificate at the end of the Class.

Non-Honours students

Non-Honours College students are also eligible to take an Honours Class in their third year provided they have gained good results in their studies up to that point and provided they are sufficiently motivated to attend an extracurricular class of 5 EC. Seeing as an Honours Class is an extracurricular programme, the EC gained cannot be included in your regular Bachelor's programme, but the credits will remain extracurricular. At the end of the Class, you will be rewarded with a certificate.

How to apply

You can apply for an Honours Class by registering via www.honoursacademyleiden.nl where you need to motivate your choice for the specific Honours Class. Registration is only open for a short time, once for semester 1 and once for semester 2. Your application will be assessed by the coordinator of the Honours Class of your choice.

Last Modified: 26-06-2017