Honours Classes

Honours Classes are part of the Bachelor Honours programme offered at Leiden University. As interdisciplinary education, tackling complex scientific and social issues, an Honours Class is an extracurricular module of high quality.

Honoursstudents who partake in the Honours College are obliged to follow at least one Honours Class as an elective. This year there is a choice of 35 different Classes, about all kinds of subjects.

Are you interested in an extracurricular course of 5 EC, but not a participant in one of the Honours College tracks? There are some Classes in which you can enroll. Keep an eye on the announcements.


'Have an answer ready! A fallacy if need be...'

The As-Soennah mosque in the Schilderswijk, The Hague. The mosque where young Muslims of all kinds, moderate to orthodox, find a place. We, students from the Honours Class Denktank: Islam in Nederland (Think tank: Islam in The Netherlands), paid a visit to the mosque and went to talk with its imam.