Honours Classes

Honours Classes are part of the Bachelor's honours programme offered at Leiden University. As interdisciplinary education, tackling complex scientific and social issues, an Honours Class is an extracurricular module of high quality.

Honours College students are required to follow at least one Honours Class. This year, there is a choice of 38 different Classes about all sorts of topics.

If you are interested in following an extracurricular course of 5 EC, but not participating in the Honours College, there is still a possibility for you to follow an Honours Class; please see the 'Registration' page.


Studentenenquête aanleiding tot vernieuwen Honours Classes

Tussen 21 augustus en 6 september kunnen studenten zich aanmelden voor de Honours Classes van het aankomende semester. Jaarlijks worden de Honours Classes geëvalueerd, waarbij de mening van studenten een belangrijke rol speelt. Dit jaar waren de resultaten van de studentenenquête aanleiding om de Honours Classes verder te ontwikkelen.

Registration Honours Classes 2017-2018

Registration is open for the Honours Classes of the first semester from 21 August until 6 September 23.59 hrs. Registration for Classes of the second semester opens on 6 November and closes at 16 November 23.59 hrs.

Honours Classes 2016-2017 now online!

The course catalogue of Honours Classes for 2016-2017 is now available online! Read about the various topics that these extracurricular courses will cover, from history of migration to biomedical technology to creative writing.