Honours Community

Being an honours student is about more than taking courses and seminars; it also means being part of a group of active students just like yourself who are motivated and curious. These students come from all sorts of bachelor’s and master’s programmes and have all sorts of backgrounds, ideas, thoughts and assumptions. You will create a network that not only broadens your horizon, but that may also prove useful later in life. 

To encourage and facilitate these contacts, there is a study association for everyone at Leiden University enrolled in an honours programme. The Leiden Honours Community (LHC) organises all sorts of activities, ranging from day trips (last year’s went to Brussels) and a major trip (this year to Budapest) to a concert for and by students, in collaboration with the TU Delft. You are all welcome to get to know your fellow community members during an LHC or Honours Academy activity. Naturally, you can also work on your practical or organisational skills by serving on one of the committees. For more information, see the LHC website or the Facebook page.


Last Modified: 28-07-2016